Wonder Woman #9

by Ryan.L on October 26, 2016

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Liam Sharp
Colorist: Laura Martin
Publisher: DC Comics

Wonder Woman has managed to save Trevor and also cure Barbara Ann. Things quiet down a bit as she continues to try to find a way home to Themyscira. 

I had some problems with the flow of this issue. It seemed to jump around a bit and some of the dialog seemed a bit choppy. I really got the feeling that this was a filer issue, but with it being part 5 of 6 in this story arc it really shouldn't be a filler issue. 

There is still a mission at hand, to help Diana find her way home. With Barbara Ann continuing to work towards solving that problem we get a look at I'm guessing a potential new villain that will have an impact on the story some how in the future. This look into the new villain though did nothing to drive the story but just to tease us and get us to wonder who this is.

Where this issue really shined was seeing Trevor and Diana have a moment to catch up with each other. These two have really amazing chemistry and Greg Rucka really delivers a moment that I want to see more of. This series is going to have a lot of intense moments but seeing the more human side of Diana is where I feel it will really shine.

This issue wasn't full of amazing moments like many of the previous issues but it is still a good issue. Definitely pick this one up so you are ready for the next issue because it is sure to be intense.


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