Mosaic #1

by Ryan.L on October 12, 2016

Writer: Geoffrey Thorne
Artist: Khary Randolph
Colorist: Emilio Lopez
Publisher: Marvel Comics
So for awhile now Marvel has been pushing their Inhumans to become more popular and more of a focus in the Marvel Universe. As a long time X-Men fan, this hasn’t always sat well with me. Some of the new Inhumans have been great like Ms Marvel, but then some have been a little underwhelming. Well we now have another brand new Inhuman and he’s also got his own series.
I picked up this book with some pretty low expectations but that was quickly changed. I had done some research into this new character Mosaic and he seemed like he had potential. This book really blew me away and was so much fun to read. You really got into his powers and connect with how he was feeling and all the confusion he was going through trying to figure out what was happening to him.
I loved the look and style of how he see’s the world now that he is Mosaic. Everything’s all energy and I guess you could say life force. I was worried that he would be just another Rogue rip-off but that can’t be further from the truth. He’s more like a combination of Rogue and Karma. Taking possession but also retaining some of the hosts memories etc.
For an extra long issue this book was a pretty quick read. It’s pretty much non stop adventure from beginning to end with Mosaic just trying to put all the pieces together to figure out what is happening and learning his new powers. This story just really pulled you in and the flow was still perfect enough to hold your attention the entire time. By the end it left me gagging for more and 30 days just seems so far away now cause the book already has me hooked.
The pages in Mosaic are stunning. Khary Randolphs art and Emilio Lopez colors really bring this world to life. I loved seeing Mosaic’s powers and what the world looks like through his eyes and also what inside someone looks like. This book has a very urban feel to it and it suits the characters perfectly.
Many new characters either make it or they don’t and Mosaic is shaping up to be a solid character and series. I highly recommend picking this one up. There is a lot of new characters and series coming out from Marvel and this is definitely one that shouldn’t be missed.


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