Cage #1

by Ryan.L on October 05, 2016

Writer: Genndy Tartakovsky
Artist: Genndy Tartakovsky
Colorist: Scott Wills
Publisher: Marvel Comics
With Luke Cage burning it up on Netflix we are treated to a mini-series featuring the steel-skinned hero. Although this mini-series is not like anything else you have read before.
This is like the Saturday morning cartoon version of Luke cage, full of Wham, Bam and POW! The story takes place in 1977 and has a very comedic tone to it. It’s like if you took Luke Cage, Johnny Bravo and Samurai Jack and mixed them all together you’d get this book.
At first I was a little apprehensive because it’s very over the top. But once I got into the story it was kinda fun. We get some cameos in the story as well which made me chuckle.
The 70s was an interesting time for comics, and a lot of things that happened seem kind of silly now a days. This mini-series takes that and runs with it. This Luke Cage is nothing like the Netflix version, or its current comic’s continuity counterpart. He’s big dumb and comes in like Miley Cyrus... on a wrecking ball.
The art is very bright and fun and really adds to the over the top tone of the book.
This book isn’t pulling any punches, and really is just trying to make you laugh. That being said one would question why we even needed this mini-series. With the Netflix show being so popular, it could have led to the possibility of Luke getting a successful solo series again. But instead we are being given this over the top farce that makes the character look like a big dumb oaf. With so many books being pumped out and Marvel Now! in full swing, this book might just get lost in the mix as most readers will be looking for something with a little more substance.


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