Tank Girl Gold #1

by Ryan.L on September 28, 2016

Writer: Alan Martin
Artist: Brett Parson
Publisher: Titan Comics
Fresh off the heels of the last Tank Girl series “Two Girls One Tank” we rush into Tank Girl Gold.
Tank Girl has been one of my favourite comic book characters since I was a kid. It was sweet to find out that there are new books coming out so I can get back into reading all the crazy debauchery of Tank Girl and her crew.
This series is the second part of a trilogy with “Two Girls One Tank” being the first installment. I loved this book, and it was everything I would expect. I love how crazy Tank Girl is, and every time I read her I hear Lori Petty’s voice from the 1995 movie in my head. Alan Martin is a genius taking Tank Girl from her post apocalyptic future and bringing her to the 21st century.
I have never laughed so much as I have reading this book. It has all the craziness and jokes you would expect from a Tank girl story and then some. One of my favourite quotes from this issue is “Can you get up? Can you talk? Wiggle your fingers? Raise your eyebrows? Control your sphincter?” ha ha it’s so like Tank Girl to throw in a silly addition to a regular statement or question. The great thing about Tank Girls comics is you can always expect the unexpected. This issue delivers that to us and it's so freaking funny! 
This book is also gorgeous to look at. Every page is just stunning and has this kind of worn color faded look like an old comic from the 30s to 50s would have. The art also has this 50s style pop art look to it which makes it a lot of fun. Brett Parson has really knocked it out of the park and the detail he a given to each character really stands out. With a book that is so based around comedy Parson really pays attention to the expressions on the characters faces and that helps to give the jokes the weight that they have.
I loved this book and can’t express it enough. I highly recommend it if you enjoy silly and fun books. If you haven’t been following Tank Girl go pick up Two Girls One Tank so you are up to date with the current story and then check this one out. You wont be disappointed. Now excuse me while I go watch the movie because I need me some more Tank Girl!


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