Action Comics #964

by Ryan.L on September 28, 2016

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Patch Zircher
Colorist: Ulises Arreola
Publisher: DC Comics

Clark Kent is adamant he is not Superman and never has been. But how can anyone believe him, especially us the readers!?

I’m not buying into this story that Dan Jurgens is delivering to us. The first story arc with Superman going up against Doomsday was really good, until Clark Kent showed up. Yes Superman has come back from the dead before, but Clark states he has never been Superman. That the New 52 Superman had taken his place and then revealed to the world that he was also Clark Kent but it was all a ruse.

This issue we get to dive deeper into this mystery as the now current Superman saved Clark and wants to find out for himself what the truth actually is. After reading this issue and Superman finds out some answers I still felt like why? This doesn’t make any sense and changes many many years of continuity, and opens up so many questions.

I understand one thing in comics is to shake up the status quo every once in a while, but there needs to a justified reason for it. When you look at the series now New 52 Lois Lane is dead (see Superwoman #1 & 2) and the current Lois Lane is taking over the role that Martha Kent had always had in the books. So then we are left with no reporter to get into trouble and I can see why that made Jurgens think to bring in Clark Kent to fill that role, but I would have just rather a brand new character instead.

This issue is written well, but it leaves you asking more questions than it answers and really leaves us hanging but not in a good way. One of the things that made Superman so much fun to read was seeing him juggle his life as Clark Kent and Superman. Now that has been taken away from us and we just have Superman being Superman and trying to protect his family at the same time.

It’s pretty disappointing to go from such a great first arc and then watch the series sink so fast as this story doesn’t seem to really drive the overall story in any way. We also don’t have that amazing art anymore and are just getting a new artist that seems to deliver adequate art but nothing that would drive you to want to read the book.

I really hope that we haven’t seen the best from Action Comics, and that the story is going to pick back up soon. Honestly the only reason to read this issue is so you aren’t lost if any of the next story arcs reference back to this one. But then again this arc is not important enough to really matter later on.


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