Civil War II #5

by Ryan.L on September 21, 2016

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: David Marquez
Colorist: Justin Ponsor
Publisher: Marvel Comics
We waited two months for this?!
Many fans are divided on this event. Some think it has been terrible and some like myself have been enjoying it. Well I had been up until this point. No I didn’t think the premise of the event was good but I was enjoying each issue. That all ended with this current issue of Civil War II.
We are in the middle of the event and this issue screams filler issue. There is absolutely nothing of substance here to propel the story forward except for four pages at the end. If anything was a waste of money this issue is. All we have here is hero fighting hero and even that seems boring and pointless. When you get to see what hero is on what side it almost seems like they just randomly chose the sides they would be on rather than what that character actually would choose.
Bendis is known for not following continuity and to ignore a character’s essence to put them in a story how he sees fit regardless if it is a contradiction to that character’s personality. This is so apparent with not only this event but this issue especially. We even have some characters explaining why they are on the side that they are, and one of the answers is “well I’m better friends with them.” This is some of the worst writing I have read in awhile.
Now we get reports that the event has been extended by another issue as Bendis states he thought of a better ending. Well I hope that this issue is not an example of the rest of the event, because then I would be worried. Not all of the first several issue was great but they still have some good storytelling in them.
Not even David Marquez exceptional art can save this issue from being absolute garbage. The book may be pretty to look at but when the story is terrible there really is no reason to continue reading it. I think one of the biggest problems I had with this issue is that so much of it could have been cut out. We could have gotten more of the story from the next issue here and only a few pages of the battle.
But that being said many fans said for a Civil War there isn’t much fighting going on. Well here is your fighting one big thirty-page issue of it, happy!? I for one would have liked to see more arguments and discovery into Ulysses than thirty pages of battle with pre-school level dialogue.
We have four more issue in this event and now I’m beginning to wonder why I even invested in reading this. I would say skip this issue but the last four pages will be important for what is to come. So if you are following this event then you will want to pick up this one, even if it is a blatant cash grab.


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