Uncanny Avengers #12

by Ryan.L on August 17, 2016

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Pepe Larraz
Colorist: David Curiel
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Ultron/ Hank Pym continues to try to take down the Avengers Unity Squad but can they stop him with the help of Iron Man? This issue continues the action and Gerry Duggan doesn’t disappoint. Is it Hank Pym or is it Ultron, that question is still not fully answered, and wavers back and forth. You really get the weight of what the team is going through since one of their dearest friends could actually be in there with Ultron, or it could all be a trap.
I was not a big fan of this series at the start, but with this new story arc begining in issue #9 the series really seemed to find it’s groove. The absence of Captain America also seems to be alright and helps the book find it’s own footing. There’s a really good dynamic of characters chosen for this team and I’m really enjoying it. Deadpool has been everywhere it seems, especially since his popularity had been growing. But I enjoy him on this team and he adds just the right amount of levity to a book that can get a bit more on the serious side.
Pepe Larraz’s art and David Curiel’s colors are just beautiful. I would like to see this team stay on this book because it is the perfect look for the unity team. I was not a fan of Ryan Stegman’s spaghetti leg art from the first eight issues. Larraz has definitely raised to bar and also has found the perfect look and tone for the Avengers Unity Squad.
If you haven’t been following this series I highly suggest jumping on. There is a lot of action, drama, and fun to be had and this is one of the better books from the Avengers lineup.


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