Harley Quinn #2

by Ryan.L on August 17, 2016

Writer: Jimmy Palmiootti, Amanda Conner
Artist: Chad Hardin, John Timms
Colors: Alex Sinclair
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: DC Comics
It’s a zombie apocalypse and who’s gonna save us?! Harley Quinn of course! Who knew that eating a hot dog that consist of a ground up alien would cause you to turn into a zombie, but that just the kind of silliness Harley’s solo series is bringing us, and its hilarious!
Last issue I wasn’t feeling it. There was way too much exposition and very little story that left me kinda feeling like this series was going to be a dud. Well that was all put to bed once I picked up this issue. It’s nonstop zombie fighting action from beginning to end complete with using a plunger and toilet seat as a weapon, and poop under your nails while you give a throne room thrashin’!
It was nice to see Harley really start to be Harley again and her jokes really fly this time. I had so much fun reading this issue, and Harley’s commentary kept me laughing all the way through.  Some of her sidekicks I’m still not a huge fan of, and feel they kind of take away from the story. I would rather see her with one or two than the big band of weirdos she’s got following her.
For this issue we get John Timms helping out on art along side Chad Hardin. Now usually this would worry me, for the release schedule for this book is intense, shipping twice monthly but they manage to transition from one artist to the other seamlessly. The bright colors brought to us again by Alex Sinclair help the art to just charge off the page and bring the weird zany fun that this book is all about.
If you can’t seem to get enough of Harley Quinn in the Suicide movie, then you definitely need to pick up this issue. Its pure crazy Harley goodness and you wont be disappointed.


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