Harley Quinn #01

by Ryan.L on August 03, 2016

Writer: Jimmy Palmiootti, Amanda Conner
Artist: Chad Hardin
Colors: Alex Sinclair
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: DC Comics

DC Comics Rebirth is in full swing, and up next to the party is everyone’s favourite clown… Harley Quinn. You didn’t have to wait long after her last monthly series ended on July 27th and her new Rebirth series started August 3rd. There is so much Harley, shipping now twice monthly for those that just can’t seem to get enough of this deranged clown and queen of Coney Island. So what better way to kick off Harley’s relaunch in DC’s Rebirth than with an all-out zombie apocalypse?!

This series has in incredible number of variant covers and promises to be jam packed full of fun and craziness. Can Harley live up to all the hype? Unfortunately, no she can’t. DC Comics Rebirth has been pretty impressive. I went into it with a lot of hesitation and doubt. The New 52 started off rocky, but got a lot better and then in the last year it just fell flat. So my confidence in DC was pretty shaky when Rebirth got announced.

After reading the first several issues that were released I was so impressed. DC had delivered everything they promised. The stories were great, the art was fantastic, and I was hopeful again that we finally were getting the DC comics we deserved. But that brings us to Harley Quinn #01 and this is the first time in the DC Comics Rebirth lineup that I felt really let down.

Harley is known to be crazy and very weird but this issue just seemed to be a little bit lacking in all of that. At the beginning of the issue it felt like more of a sad day time soap opera and then we get several pages of Harley going over her origin for those that didn’t know it. This really could have just been a few panels before the story even started but nope we get it told to use by Harley like she’s doing a one woman show that no one showed up too. Then we get introduced to all of her supporting characters which really aren’t that interesting.

We were promised a zombie apocalypse right? Well it’s there but by the time you get to it, you’re so bored that the 8 pages of said apocalypse barely manages to save this issue. The writing here is very poor and many of the jokes just seem to miss. I don’t know about you but this Harley just doesn’t seem to be wacky enough of what I have known her to be.

The art in this issue on the other hand is very bright and fun. This doesn’t make up for the lack luster writing but it is really the only positive to this book. It has a very cartoony feel to it which matches the crazy wackiness that is supposed to be Harley. It helps add to some of the weirder moments and gives some good laughs.

All in all, this is a rocky start to the new Harley Quinn series. If you are a hardcore Harley fan, no doubt you will be picking this up. Everyone else if you have some extra money and want to give it a shot by all mean do it, just don’t expect it to blow you away like some of the other DC Comics Rebirth series have.


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