X-Men #3 Review

by Ryan.L on September 22, 2021

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Pepe Larraz
Color Artist: Marte Gracia
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel Comics
The High Evolutionary comes calling.
This was such a fantastic issue. We got to see an exciting battle that seemed to leap right off the page. Synch truly shined in this battle and the issue in general. We got to see him use his power in such an exciting way. Polaris also had me cheering. While I didn’t vote for her, she is turning out to be the perfect member for this team. She works so well with each member, especially Rogue. Jean Grey also was a standout for me. Its great to see her being used in unique and exciting ways.
There were some revelations in this issue and I’m not ready. With Inferno just around the corner, things are really getting exciting. This issue adds a whole other dimension to what will most likely go down in Inferno. Could everything come crumbling down? It sure seems like that’s a very real possibility, especially after some of the revelations in this issue.
I know that this is only issue three, but Game World seems to be somewhat of a slow burn of a story thread. I would have thought that the X-Men would have already discovered it and been off to deal with it already. But I guess there have been curve balls thrown at them, one being the High Evolutionary in this issue. This book feels a lot like what we used to get back in the Claremont era. There are so many layers of story going on here that it’s exciting waiting to see where the next issue will go. It’s never where you would expect and for that this has been the series, I am always the most excited for of all the X-Books.
Overall, this is yet another outstanding issue. This book really jams so much into it but manages to never feel like it is going in too many directions. This issue especially has an amazing battle and display of powers and then a shocking ending that will have a massive impact on the mutants and the world. This is a must-read series. If it is not on your pull-list, then it should be.

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