Cable #11 Review

by Ryan.L on June 30, 2021

Writer: Gerry Duggan 
Artist: Phil Noto 
Letterer: VC's Joe Sabino
Design: Tom Muller 

The old man is back!

Ok so I have been critical of this series before. It's not bad but compared to the other x-books it is the weakest in the line-up.  After reading this issue it feels like this was all a very slow long drawn out plan to bring old Cable back. Am i mad about that? Certainly not. We did get to see the Summers clan really be a family in this book, and that's something we never really got to see before. I do like kid Cable, but I think the mutants really need old Cable back. Especially since they have taken over control of the solar system.

There were things in this book I really enjoyed, old Cable and Magik have a hilarious relationship and I need to see more of them together. Seeing Hope and Cable reunited was also so touching. I'm sure he's so proud of her now that he's going to get to see how much of a pinnacle role she has in the resurrection process and her role in assisting the terraforming of Mars. I also really loved some of the more subtle moments like Jean eating an apple.

What I struggle with is this Stryfe storyline. It just feels like there is no real weight to it and its just a way to probably remove kid Cable from the equation. Everything is being wrapped up rather quickly.

Overall this issue is alright. It has its fun moments but it's not without its problems either. This series is ending and that's probably a good thing since its somewhat been running on fumes for a few issues now.

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