New Mutants #19 Hellfire Gala Review

by Ryan.L on June 17, 2021

Writer: Vita Ayala
Artist: Alex Lins
Colorist: Matt Milla
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham
Design: Tom Muller
Publisher: Marvel Comics
The New Mutants relax and enjoy the gala.
I really enjoyed this issue a lot. It was great seeing the team in more of a casual environment. They really got to just be themselves, though there is some tension between a few members. Illyana was a stand out for me. While she didn’t have a lot of scenes, the ones she did appear in were absolutely hilarious and was exactly what I would expect from her. It’s great to have a writer on the book that really understands the quirkiness of Illyana. We got to see a sort of group chat and I burst out laughing from some of Illyana’s responses.
This issue does end on a rather somber tone. It was not surprising and expected after the previous issue, but it still was incredibly sad. This ending poses a lot of questions now and also potential hypocrisy from the Quiet Council. We have to wait and see where this goes, but I have a lot of questions.
The art in this issue was a lot of fun. It was different from our previous issues but it still managed to keep the fun and quirkiness of this series. Warlock was captured especially well and made me laugh a lot. Alex Lins is on the next issue so I look forward to seeing what more he gives us in that issue.
Overall New Mutants was an outstanding book. It was packed with everything you could want. Fun, excitement, quirkiness, sadness etc. It was also fun to see that the New Mutants can handle themselves pretty well at a party, well better than the Hellions did.

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