Excalibur #21 Hellfire Gala Review

by Ryan.L on June 10, 2021

Writer: Tini Howard
Artist: Marcus To
Colorist: Erick Arciniega
Letterer: VC's Ariana Maher
Design: Tom Muller

Excalibur heads off to the gala, but one member is not feeling like partying.

Oh wow this was a fantastic issue. It set up so much for the next arc in the series while also giving us some very touching moments.

This series has really caused me to fall in love with Rictor. He is such a fabulous character and seeing him navigate life, especially now as a druid is extremely interesting. It was so great to see his progression through the gala to that touching moment at the end. It really tugged on my heart strings. Also his display of power with the other druids was such a cool scene. We definitely need more of that.

There are some moments that really set the stage for what we can expect moving forward in this series. Things are about to get a lot harder for Captain Britain as she navigates the world between Krakoa and Britain. 

Probably one of my favorite moments in this issue was when Gambit was asked what he will do now that Rogue is on the X-Men team. His response was so fantastic and so him. I think we need a return of Gambits cats to the pages of Excalibur!

The art in this issue was so well done. The gala looked beautiful and the moments where things got a lot more intense were so exciting. Even down to the two touching moments that were do beautifully done. This issue was a visual delight as usual.

Overall Excalibur night at the gala was fantastic. This issue was jam packed with excitement, terror, love and friendship. Such a fun issue that also set the stage for things to come.

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