Cable #10 Review

by Ryan.L on April 30, 2021

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Phil Noto
Publisher: Marvel Comics
This issue we get to see Cable and Cyclops bond as they discuss something very important.
So this book is ending and the story will be wrapping up soon. I have enjoyed seeing Cyclops be a dad, and bonding with young Cable. Though I couldn’t help but feel that this story is being dragged out a bit. This issue didn’t have much going on beyond father and son bonding while taking down some assailants. This could have all been done in just a few pages rather than an entire issue.
The X-Men have always been a soap opera mixed with action/adventure, but this issue especially really leans heavy into the soap opera side. I mean the day to day getting fitted for the Hellfire Gala is interesting but I feel it also is somewhat unnecessary. The action is fun and seeing Cyclops and Cable multitask was enjoyable, but again it wasn’t enough to keep me engaged in the book.
The art though continues to shine and has been the best part of this series and this issue especially. The fight scenes were done so incredibly well, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I have always been a huge fan of Phil Noto, and I hope once this book has finished they put him on a better series. I loved his Black Widow series and if he gets put on a more action based book, we will be in for a treat.
Overall this is an adequate book. It has some fun moments like the bonding between Cyclops and Cable. This series is ending and you can unfortunately tell that it has definitely run out of steam.

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