X-Force #16 Review

by Ryan.L on January 21, 2021

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Joshua Cassata
Colorist: Guru - eFX
Publisher: Marvel Comics

This issue we are the team investigate infected corpses that have washed up on the beach of Krakoa.

While this issue felt like a filler issue, I found myself really enjoying it. We got to enjoy more of Namor, and it had me hoping that he will appear more in the future.

I also really liked how this issue had somewhat of a horror feel to it. Especially with them diving down into the deep dark ocean floor. It was a nice change from the constant action this series has had.

I wondered though that with them diving into the depth of the ocean, would they notice Moira's place? We haven't heard anything from her in awhile.

I also enjoyed that we got to see more of Phoebe and Kid Omegas relationship. I wonder how hers sisters are going to react when they find out. The Stepford CuCkoos and Kid Omega have a lot of history, and it's not positive history either.

Overall this was a fun, creepy and exciting read. It was a great change if pace, if only for one issue.

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