X-Factor #5 Review

by Ryan.L on December 03, 2020

Writer: Leah Williams
Artist: David Baldeon
Colorist: Israel Silva
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Things pick up right where they left off. Also the team and the Five look further into what happened with Rockslide.
This book excited me so much. While not a lot happened, there were so many moments and cameos in this issue that had me cheer. I’m really enjoying seeing X-Factor working so closely with the Five. We really get to have a closer look at how it all works.
One of the best parts of this issue is it reads like a love letter to ‘New X-Men Academy X’ and fans of that series are definitely going to enjoy the cameos in this issue. There is a really good conversation between Danielle Moonstar and Emma Frost that also really strikes a chord right deep in the feels. It’s some character development for Emma that many of us fans have seen over the years, but it’s nice for her to see that growth as well.
While most of this issue is just catching up on relationships, it also sets up the next mystery for X-Factor to solve. I hope this one grows into a longer overlapping mystery than an issue or two and done.
The art in this issue is exactly what you would expect and then some. There is a moment with Northstar and Aurora that is absolutely stunning to look at. This book continues to have some of my favorite art in the x-books. It’s quirky and fun, and the level of detail with the characters' expressions, you know exactly what they are thinking and feeling.
Overall this book comes back from ‘X of Swords’ and knocks yet another outstanding issue out of the park. This is a prime example of how you can have a low key story but it still be just as engaging as the action packed ones. 

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