Hellions #6 Review

by Ryan.L on November 22, 2020

Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Carmen Carnero
Colorist: VC’s Ariana Maher
Publisher: Marvel Comics
The Hellion’s finally reach Arakko, but are they in time to make a difference before the tournament starts?
I was more sad while reading this chapter than anything else. I have come too really like the Hellions. This team has been a lot of fun, and with Sinister leading them in the field, it’s been pretty entertaining. Though a lot happened in this book and not for the good. I fear this team will not be the same after this event.
Empath was a standout for me in this chapter. It’s hilarious to see how he just gets pushed around and no one really takes him seriously. Even when he manages to save their butts, or sort of does.
Sinister definitely has some plans, and they are going to have a big impact on Krakoa and the mutants. I fear all that the mutants have worked hard to build will come crashing down, and Sinister if not being the sole cause, will be the catalyst.
Overall this chapter has some pretty shocking moments, as well as some sad ones. This was an explosive chapter that will have some long lasting impact on several members of the team.

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