Wolverine #7 Review

by Ryan.L on November 11, 2020

Writer: Benjamin Percy, Gerry Duggan
Artist: Joshua Cassara
Colorist: Guru - eFX
Publisher: Marvel Comics
The battles rage on.
This chapter we get a few battles. Some quick, some not so quick, and some I’m not sure what was going on. It seems like Saturnyne is holding a grudge from Wolverine trying to kill her, and now he is paying the price.
I’m warming up to the absurdity of this tournament. The creative teams are managing to deliver a good mix of action and humor. I’m also starting to wonder how many rounds this tournament is. Things though aren’t going so well for the Krakoan mutants. I suspect more is afoot here than them just not being fully prepared for the tournament.
We also get to see some flirting between Wolverine and Storm. This was rather intriguing, especially when Storm coyly said shed tell Jean but still was giving into and returning the flirting. Are all the mutants’ polyamorous? I’m starting to get the feeling that is now a common practice with the mutants.
This chapter looked so good. The art was exceptional and the colors amazing. It’s probably one of my favorite chapters visually. Such incredibly dynamic art.
Overall this chapter throws in a little bit more action, fun and absurdity into the mix. Hopefully Wolverine gets a break soon, he really deserves one.

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