Wolverine #6 Review

by Ryan.L on October 07, 2020

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Viktor Bogdanovic
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The mutants that have been chosen search for their swords to be ready for the tournament.

This issue we see Wolverine setting off to find the Muramasa blade, while War and Pestilence set off to gather their champion.

I really enjoyed this issue a lot. It was interesting seeing this whole thing from Wolverine's perspective. He also said something that really made me chuckle. It totally simplifies this entire event down and is exactly spot on. He said "I got three days to find the Muramasa blade so that I can take my place in a tournament of swords and settle what amounts to a multidimensional feud over land rights." That's absolutely what this event boils down to. 

We also get to see Arakko gather their champion that will take on Wolverine. This champion seems like a bit of a wild card. They didn't even know what a Muramasa blade is. But I think things are being set up for a very exciting tournament. Especially since now there can be permanent deaths to the mutants of Krakoa. 

Overall this was a fun issue. We got to see a lot of interesting moments. Was it as shocking or explosive as the previous issues? No, but this was still a solid chapter in the event.

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