X-Factor #3 Review

by Ryan.L on September 09, 2020

Writer: Leah Williams
Artist: David Baldeon
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Who's the mutant that died? That and more is revealed.

This series continues to be outstanding. At first I was hesitant about the team going to Mojoworld, but now I think this is the most fun I've had reading a Mojoworld story. Everyone on Mojoworld seems a bit cray cray and I'm all for it. Even Spiral seems to have really drank the kool-aid this time. We even got another cameo and it was so awesome. This new social media Mojoworld is also really entertaining. It makes the shows a lot more deadly because of the fans' interaction.

I also really enjoyed the moment between Aurora and Daken. It was nice to dive in even just for a moment to why he is the way that he is. These two have an interesting relationship building. I wonder if it will become romantic, and if it does, how Jean-Paul will react? 

The look of Mojoworld was a visual delight. It almost has a Tron element to it. The premium access subscribers for Mojovision also look really cool. I love that design. There's a lot of design choices actually that David Baldeon has made that I'm a huge fan of.

Overall this book is a must read. It's so fantastic and fun on every page. If you're not reading it then you're missing out.

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