X-Factor #1 Review

by Ryan.L on July 29, 2020

Writer: Leah Williams
Artist: David Baldeon
Publisher: Marvel Comics
BUY THIS BOOK! No seriously you need to buy this book. ‘X-factor’ has always been a great book. It’s different from the other x-titles and this time it’s no different. This book just slides into the ‘Dawn of X’ line-up perfectly. It’s exactly what was missing even though we didn’t know we were missing it.
You can tell that Leah Williams has done her homework. She’s taken exactly what has been working with other current x-titles and packaged ‘X-Factor’ the same way but has put her own spin on it as well. I also feel she has been listening to fans as there feels like many moments that some of the characters really act more like how the fans talk about them than how we have seen them in previous x-books. Take Daken for example. The way Williams writes Daken, she really leans into his sexuality and charm. While this isn’t new, I think how far she leans into this direction is. For someone who is a massive champion for diversity and inclusion, I absolutely applaud her work in this area. Also the fact that three members of this team are LGBTQ+ characters is a huge win.
This book is just freaking funny! From the very beginning I couldn’t stop laughing. From how Northstar doesn’t want Daken because he’s “messy” to everyone forgetting about Prestige’s chrono-skimming ability. Let’s face it, even I forgot about that power! The comedy in this book just feels organic and works without it even really trying.
Polaris has always been a bit cray-cray but it’s nice to see her finding herself. I’m totally onboard with this new Polaris. She needs to be defined by more than her previous relationship with Havok, her being depowered and then repowered from being a Horseman of Apocalypse, and just being used by most men that have come into her life. I hope that Williams is able to really do Polaris's character justice in this series as it’s been a long time coming.
If it wasn’t enough that the story was incredible, the art is also next level. I loved every page. This book is such a visual joy. David Baleon’s art really enhances the story on every level. Daken’s sexuality and charm wouldn’t have come off nearly as well if it wasn’t for Baleon’s art. Also Northstar and Prestige have some of the best facial expressions. Some are subtle like a side eye, but you totally notice them.
Overall ‘X-Factor’ is everything I wanted and more. We are only on the first issue and it has already made itself a contender to be one of the best x-books in the 'Dawn of X’ line-up. If you don’t read it, then you are really missing out!

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