X-Force #10

by Ryan.L on July 08, 2020

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Joshua Cassara
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The team is at Terra Verde but communication has been cut off and our team could be in peril.

This was an interesting issue. The mission wasn't all that exciting but what was exciting was the interactions between members of the team. I found the choice of members of this team really intriguing when the book launched. With this issue one character confirms my questioning their involvement as they start to question it themselves. This really sets up an interesting dynamic for future issues. Will they continue to be a part of X-Force, or leave?

It was also great to see near the end of this issue confirmation on a relationship many fans were wondering about. There have been lots of hints but now we get a full on kiss to confirm it. How will this impact them and others? We know the mutants do things their own way, but now we are seeing how this involves all aspects of their lives.

After such a long wait for 'X-Force' to return this issue was a little laclustre. While it was still good, I hope since we will be back to a regular release schedule things will pick up again. Even with issues like this that are just adequate 'X-Force' is still one of the better x-series of them all.

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