X-Men #8 Review

by Ryan.L on March 11, 2020

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Mahmud Asrar
Publisher: Marvel Comics
So this was the first major instance I have noticed that if you haven’t been reading all the main series then you could be a little bit lot. This issue ties into Jonathan Hickman’s part of the ‘New Mutants’ series. Rahne stole an egg, and now we get to find out the consequences of that decision. The Brood are here.
This issue was so much fun. I have really been enjoying this series more than several of the others. At first this really felt like more a New Mutants story, but then it quickly brought in the senior mutants, and things got really exciting. Some of the action sequences in this book were just outstanding. I loved seeing Magik and Cyclops work together and use their powers in new and unique ways. Also more Havok!! This really excited me and he is in his classic suit which really made me happy. While this series has been more of a one and done, loosely tying together, we are now seeing a larger story that may expand over a few issues.
When the Brood are involved then nothing is easy. This was something else unexpected that I really enjoyed. We haven’t had a really well done Brood story in a while. This issue really raised the stakes and made a lot of the mutants really shine. It was also nice that the Brood felt a lot more menacing. Yes they do mostly just swarm the island, but there were so many everywhere that it came across as a serious problem.
Overall this book was an explosive addition that really raised the stakes. We are now seeing consequences to the actions made in the other series really tying the books together. Things are about to get really crazy so I highly recommend jumping on-board if you haven’t already.

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