Aquaman #56 Review

by Ryan.L on January 15, 2020

Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artist: Aaron Lopresti
Publisher: DC Comics

Can you say filler issue!? Wow it's really frustrating when these kinds of issues come around. We have a new writer taking over and instead of starting things off with an exciting issue, we get a book that takes place in the past. It's a story with a very thin premise stretched out as far as can be to encompass the entire issue. Yes there is some possible setup for things to come, but that again is stretching it. 

When you break down this book its full of cliche dialogue and boring action sequences. We aren't given anything fresh and new, and it actually seems like while the story is in the past, the writer has also taken us back to when Aquaman was over the top and silly. It's unfortunate since several of the previous writers worked so hard to deliver us dynamic, engaging stories. They managed to take a character who many thought was a joke, and made him just as cool as his fellow Justice League members. 

The art in this issue is adequate. Nothing outstanding or groundbreaking. It's unfortunate that the story is so bad, it works against any positives the art is bringing to the table. 

Overall did we need an interlude issue all about Arthur and Mera deciding if they should have children? No. Especially since we already know they decided to, and will have their baby next issue.  I am thankful this writer is not back for the next issue, and hopefully this filler issue will be quickly forgotten.

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