Marauders #5 Review

by Ryan.L on January 03, 2020

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Matteo Lolli, Lucas Werneck
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Marauders continue to come to the rescue of mutants that can’t get to the Krakoan gates. Shinobi Shaw’s boat the Upstart enters the fray.

This book continues to be such a blast to read. I was struggling with this new carefree alcoholic Captain Kate, but now it really is working. We are really seeing the impact of the new status quo for the mutants and how she is on the sidelines as an unknown. Many questions are asked in this issue that run alongside the problem of the Krakoan gates not working for her. The other great thing to see is Captain Kate dropping her guard around Emma Frost finally. Seeing the bond building and even them joke about how things could have been different if different choices had been made all those years ago. After this issue this is one of the relationships I am most excited to see more of.

There is one more relationship, or well possible budding relationship I would like to see happen. We get some interaction between Christian Frost and Iceman in this issue. Is a possible romance being hinted at and possible blooming!? I surely hope so! Some fans are still not on board with Bobby coming out as gay. I for one am 100% on board with it and would love to see him get into another relationship. It’s so exciting to have Christian in the books and I could see these two having a great relationship, romantic or not. Having two gay characters prominently in one book is outstanding and I applauded Marvel for giving this to us.

'Marauders' also gives us some of the most fun and exciting art of all the 'Dawn of X' books. It's bright, whimsical, and the action scenes really pull you in. Even the more subtle moments are really engaging because of the fine details of each characters subtle facial expressions.

Overall this book proves that it is thee ‘Dawn of X’ book to put on your pull list. Its jam packed full of fun, excitement, comedy and drama. It really encompasses everything we love about the x-books. If you’re not reading ‘Marauders’ then you truly are missing out.

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