Marauders #2 Review

by Ryan.L on November 20, 2019

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Matteo Lolli
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Marauders hit the seas while Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw Throw down at the Hellfire Trading Company.

So this book was a lot of fun. Gerry Duggan has found a very comedic and over the top tone that really works for this book. It feels very much like a traditional X-Men comic with a good mixture of comedy and drama. Emma Frost really shines in this issue. I’m a huge fan of Emma so to see her prominently in a book again makes me extremely happy. I loved how she toyed with Shaw like he was a mouse and her a cat playing with her food. These two may hate each other, but they play off of each other so well. Emma’s styling is also really well done and an improvement over previous looks. It’s more elegant while still being sexy which Emma has always liked to show off her body. Duggan has really brought back the sassy Emma that we have come to love over the years.

There are some things I was not on board with in this issue. So Kate Pryde is an alcoholic?? We saw in the first issue that Kate has taken up drinking. Though breaking her nose not being able to go through the gates and really not knowing where she belongs, felt like the reasoning for that. This issue we see that nope, Kate Pryde is now just an alcoholic. It lends to a lot of the wacky moments in the book, but I find it hard to believe that her best and closet friend Storm doesn’t even notice. There is even a scene in this book where Storm waits while Kate, Iceman and Pyro gather several bottle of liquor from a store with Kate saying “Come to Momma.” Then the team just goes dancing, forgetting they were there to meet someone. For Iceman and Pyro this does feel very in their character. For Storm and Kate Pryde this feels wildly out of character, and it pulled me out of the book. I like the slapstick comedy, but not if it’s at the price of a long time popular character being turned into a joke.

One of the best dynamic in the books was Kate Pryde and Emma Frost. They stood on opposite sides with different ideals. Kate Prydes and Emma Frosts first appearances were in the same issue back when Emma was a villain. So this always played off so well with each other with Kate keeping Emma in check. Now it seems that Kate has lost herself and is becoming more like Emma. The last splash page in this issue really shows how Kate is heading in that direction.

Overall this was an over the top fun adventure. This book is shaping up to be the comedic entry to some of the other ‘Dawn of X’ titles more serious tones. While it is fun to see pirate Pryde let lose, I also really worry that Gerry Duggan is losing touch with the essence of the character just for the thematic nature of having a pirate X-Men book.

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