Marauders #1 Review

by Ryan.L on October 23, 2019

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Matteo Lolli
Publisher: Marvel Comics
It’s here one of the most anticipated new series from Jonathan Hickman’s ‘Dawn of X’ and this book lives up to the hype! All I have to say is Kitty + whiskey = hilarious!
I was thoroughly impressed with this issue. Gerry Duggan manages to mirror all the fun, excitement, drama, and comedy of Hickman’s ‘House of X’ and ‘Powers of X’ but still giving it his own flare. We find out how Kitty Pryde broke her nose, and it absolutely perfect. I laughed so hard because I honestly didn’t see it coming, but its genius. We also get to see Kitty consume a little too much whiskey resulting in a Kitty we have not really seen before. Duggan is really onto something with this new direction for Kitty and I’m so onboard, pun intended.
I really think the members for this team are going to lead to some very exciting stories. Kitty and Iceman have history, but have in recent years really built a strong relationship. Emma Frost and Kitty also have a tumultuous relationship so it will be intriguing to see how well those two will work together. Storm obviously will help ground the team. We get to find out what Pyro this is, and I think he is the wildcard for the team. A little bit of unpredictability which is a much needed element, and an exciting one at that.
There’s several small things in this book that on a larger scale have no real impact to the story, but add so much welcomed humor. For example Wolverine wears Dapper Dude pomade!?? Its things like this that make the book even more special and fun.
The other thing about this issue that really shines is Matteo Lolli’s art. While it has his own style, it also pays homage to R.B. Silva and Pepe Larraz’s art from ‘House of X’ and ‘Powers of X’. Lolli’s facial expressions are fantastic and adds so much to the story. Kitty’s face when she broke her nose really didn’t need any dialogue. You could get everything just from Lolli’s art, and that’s a true sign of an artist at the top of their game.
Overall this book is the best entry of ‘Dawn of X’ yet. I know we are only two series in so far but Marauders has set the bar extremely high. If you pick up only one book from ‘Dawn of X’ this is the one to get.

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