Web of Black Widow #2 Review

by Ryan.L on October 09, 2019

Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Stephen Mooney
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Web of Black Widow, what can I say about this issue? This is the second issue in the series and many of the feelings I had about the first issue, I’m having about this one as well.

There isn’t much of a story going on yet. We do get a little more here, but it’s so much of what we have had before. Black Widow is on a job, it goes awry, and there is some unknown person toying with her. All that and there are flashbacks from her past training in the red Room mixed in throughout. I was hoping that in an only five issue story we would have more of it by now. It makes me worry how much will be jammed into the last few issues or will we get much of a story here at all?

While this series so far has brought absolutely nothing new to the character, it is a fun read. There is a cameo in this issue, that while expected, it is a welcomed cameo. I do hope that we get more of that character in this series, as I love seeing Natasha and said character interact.

The art in this issue again is dark gritty and really well done. Though there is some styling problems that are glaring. The swimsuit they put Natasha in is a cliché and something she would never wear. It’s unfortunate but not a deal breaker for the series.

This book in my opinion has no heart or soul, and really feels like the creative team doesn’t truly understand the character. I’m a massive Black Widow fan, and I’m feeling really let down by this series. While it’s a good read, it’s nothing special. Natasha really doesn’t feel like herself and there is no personality to be found here. The big draw to the Black Widow is how charismatic of a character she is, and there is none of that to be found here.

Overall this is a Black Widow story by the numbers. It’s a good read, quick but with no substance. If you like the character you might find something to enjoy here. Just don’t expect any ground breaking storytelling.

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