House of X #6 Review

by Ryan.L on October 02, 2019

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Pepe Larraz
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Well I had to read this one a couple times. This is it, there is one more ‘Powers of X’ and this is the last issue of ‘House of X’ and it was not wat I was expecting.
Last issue we saw how the mutants are resurrected by the hands of the Five, some of how the nation of Krakoa is run, the setup of the Quiet Council, and the welcoming of the villains to Krakoa.
This issue we dive more into the development of Krakoa as a nation. The Quiet Council meets for the very first time, and some decisions are made that will impact all mutants.
I read this issue a couple times because it did not feel like a final issue. Yes we have one more issue in the grand scheme of things, but as the last issue of ‘House of X’ and it did seem to be more of an information dump and wrap up than anything exciting or explosive. While nowhere can I say this was a bad issue, for me it just felt a little out of place. We could have had a lot of this information earlier, and it would not have ruined any of the surprises in this issue. I think because so much happened, and much of what happened will impact the books for years to come, I was hoping for a big lead off into ‘Dawn of X’ though I guess that will probably come in the final issue of ‘Powers of X’ since we didn’t get it here.
One of the best parts of this issue was its cameos. There were so many, and several characters we have not seen in over a decade. The other thing was some of the relationships between the characters. There have been tension between certain characters and to see them not necessarily be friends in this issue, but more come to a common understanding of each other was great to see. I think that was the main thing this issue showed us. The coming together of all mutants, no matter their history. This is a new dawn and all mutants are welcome.
Overall this issue is not the most exciting issue in the series. That being said it does usher in a new beginning and celebrates the mutants and their accomplishments. The book is yet again stunning to look at, and the drama is heightened by the amazing art and colors. Are you ready for “Dawn of X’ because I sure am!

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