House of X #5 Review

by Ryan.L on September 18, 2019

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Pepe Larraz
Publisher: Marvel Comics
What did I just read!?? We hit yet another explosive issue and I couldn’t be more excited. While the last issue in the reading order brought the laughs, this issue brings on the revelations.
We are nearing the end of ‘House of X’ and ‘Powers of X’ and while so many shocking things have happened, it seems Jonathan Hickman isn’t finished with us just yet. All those questions we have been asking finally get answered, well some of them. This was probably one of the best issues in the entire series. While it wasn’t as shocking as the retcon in issue #2, it has just as strong of an impact, and maybe even more of one, than finding out Moira is a mutant. The revelations in this book truly do set up the x-universe for years to come. The game has been changed and things will not be how they have been before.
You may have after reading ‘Powers of X’ #4 figured out a little bit of what is going on, but the impact of the actual truth will still blow you away. The way Hickman has found to utilize specific mutants in new and exciting ways is absolutely genius. It really shows that he understands these characters and wants to highlight them in the best way possible. The cameos alone in this issue are outstanding. Every page I found myself almost squealing for joy with who I was seeing. Some were just in the background, but to get to see them again made my day.
There is one thing I found in this issue that I am of two minds. The mutants come off somewhat a little cultish. One fan favorite in particular comes off as sort of an evangelist for mutants. She preaches and the way she preached had me stop and pause, am I on board with this? Or is this going in too cultish of a direction for me? Ultimately I look at it as more of like the Spice Girls and “Girl Power” or from the Fox X-Men movies “Mutant and Proud.” Though Hickman does take it a little further than that simplicity, and even says in this issue the five are universally revered, not as celebrities but as cultural paragons.  This right there shows us the almost religious direction he is taking the mutants. This also gives new weight to Magneto’s words in issue #1 of ‘House of X’ “You have new gods now.” With that statement we are seeing not only do the humans have new gods, but so do the mutants.
I have been a huge fan of Pepe Larraz’s art and Marte Gracia’s colors since the beginning. Though I think this issue is where they are truly on fire together. This issue we get to see a lot more of Krakoa, and it is absolutely breathtaking. There are moments when the sun is shining though the purple leafed trees and I was just awestruck by how gorgeous the page was. From the subtle moments to the explosive revelations there is not one moment where I did not find myself captivated.
This book is a thrilling achievement, not only story wise, but visually as well. We finally get some answers and those answers are so satisfying, it makes you excited for what is to come next. This game changing issue is a must read by everyone. The new x-universe is coming and this is your first real taste of that new universe.

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