Web of Black Widow #1 Review

by Ryan.L on September 04, 2019

Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Stephen Mooney
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The past is coming back to her… and it’s out for vengeance. How many times have we heard this or something similar to this? Probably every Black Widow series has boasted this in their advertisement. It seems to be a trap Marvel continues to fall into. Some have been able to bring something fresh to the Black Widow books while still delivering on her past coming back to haunt her. Other Black Widow series have managed to just fall flat and either offer nothing new, or nothing exciting.

Enter Web of Black Widow and again here we are with Natasha’s past coming back to wreak havoc on her. While I was excited for a new Black Widow series, I found myself not as excited because the story felt like we were not going to get anything new or ground breaking. But it’s a Black Widow book, so why am I complaining?

After reading this first issue I found myself in more of an “ummm” moment than anything. While it was a really good read, it went by so fast without any actual story. This series is only five issues long and they spent an entire first book on setup that could have been done in just a few pages. While the interactions between the characters was really well done and interesting, the flashes of her past were great to see as well and felt fresh and new, nothing actually really happened in this first issue. Before you knew it the issue was over, and left you feeling like you only got half a story. But that said it was very engaging and might actually be a fun story.

The art in this book is good. It’s dark, edgy and has a noir feel to it. I do have some problems with Stephen Mooney’s styling. Natasha has her Widow Bites, but Mooney has drawn them to look like solid smooth bracers, very much like Wonder Woman’s. He even had her move and pose like Wonder Woman, which really frustrated me.  I get one of the implanted memories is Natasha being a ballerina when she was younger, but she just didn’t move like how we have come to know Natasha to move.

The other part of this story which I found frustrated me was the only moments Natasha handles a firearm at all in this issue is on the cover and in the flashbacks. It really didn’t feel like her when she was fighting, but when she was interacting with other characters she did feel like the Natasha we know and love.

Overall this issue is a mixed bag. I think it’s far too soon to make a judgement call on the series. This first book is a fun read, but it is not without its problems. Will we get something new and fresh, or will this just be more of the same? We can only wait and see, but if you like Black Widow then pick it up.

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