House of X #2 Review

by Ryan.L on August 07, 2019

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Pepe Larraz
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Are you confused? Well I am confused, but also so captivated by the world Jonathan Hickman has crafted. This issue we finally get some answers, or well sort of. We get an idea of Hickman's plan for the X-Men. How this series fits into the X-Men history as a whole.

I had to read this issue at least a couple times to really understand what Hickman was telling us. There are so many layers to this story, and really, that's what makes it so great. Yes we seem to be getting a bit of a retcon, sort of. Some characters that we know and love are being changed, but I feel that this is for the better. Also from some of the revelations in this book, it finally answered the questions I had to why some long dead mutants were now seemingly alive. But just as you feel you have some questions answered, Hickman causes you to ask that many more questions.

At no point was I not on board with this new direction. I think partially because his delivery is so well thought out and followed though even better. Everything makes sense, but also gives something new we haven't really seen before. Time travel is a very common theme in the x-books, but this is not time travel. So while I found myself last issue wondering if Hickman threw out everything that came before, or does it all connect some how? The answer comes in this issue. Everything that came before does matter, but it's now different.

This is something that the x-books really needed. Some creatives teams decisions were not loved by fans. So while everything is different, those decisions still matter, and still happened. We just have a chance now to take a different direction and fall in love with characters we haven't seen in many years.

Overall book continues to not disappoint. It delivers a deep intriguing story that has so many layers to it. I found myself so pulled in and continuously wanting more and more. This book is a must read. 

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