Uncanny X-Men #02 Review

by Ryan.L on November 21, 2018

Writer: Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson
Artist: R.B. Silva
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Things have been getting crazy for the merry mutants. There is a giant mob of Jamie Madrox attacking, Kitty Pryde has gone missing, and there have been some weather phenomena that Storm can't seem to control. Also there is someone else who has been captured and is being held where Kitty Pryde is. Someone would not expect.

This issue we see things are starting to escalate even more. DINOSAURS, I repeat dinosaurs are popping up all over the globe! Jean decides to send out teams to deal with the growing catastrophes though some things are not what they appear to be. Back at the Mansion another "huh!?" moment happens.

So while I did enjoy the first issue it didn't grab me like I was hoping it would. This issue felt more like the explosive start to the return of Uncanny. There was so much going on and I loved every moment of it. There is so much action and lots of jokes thrown in too. I loved the interactions between Jean and Iceman a lot in this issue. They played off of each other so well and really had me laughing out loud.

Another thing that I found great about Uncanny was this group of writers have really shown that they know and understand these characters and are writing them in character. We've had previous series where characters were written so out of character it was hard to read, I'm looking at you Jeff Lemire! While some of these writers like Lemire are legends and top rate talent, but it did feel like they didn't truly know or understand the formula for an x-story. First and foremost the X-Men is a soap opera, and a superhero/action story second. This creative team trio now on Uncanny have shown they know and understand this and also how to write each individual character. 

Things now really seem to be coming together and finally it feels like the X-Men we have known and loved for all these years are back. I highly recommend this book and series to any x-fan and anyone wanting to get into the X-Men.

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