Uncanny X-Men #01 Review

by Ryan.L on November 14, 2018

Writer: Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson
Artist: Mahmud Asrar, Mirko Colak, Ibraim Roberson, Andrew Hennessy
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Well it's about time. Uncanny X-Men finally returns with a super sized first issue. This issue brings us not only the first chapter in what is promised to be an epic story, as well as four other stories. A Bishop story, a Jean Grey story, a Amor & Anole story, and finally the epilogue.

This story starts out with the X-Men attending a debate in Manhattan that brings both sides of the mutant menace together. Senator Ashton Allen argues his side where he states mutants are a detriment to society, and Kitty Pryde is supposed to argue the opposite but she is on a training mission with some students. In true X-Men style things don't go according to plan and the X-Men must race to save people who hate and fear them.

This issue was a lot of fun and asked a lot of questions without giving us any answers. This book has a similar tone and feel as X-Men Red, which I think was an awesome idea as Red was the best of all the X-color books. While I enjoyed this book my one problem with it is that it does nothing new or exciting. This "mutant menace" is something we have done over and over for decades. While X-Men Red did set up this story and we knew it was coming, I just was hoping that the creative team would have taken us in a new direction.

Even some of the spoilers for future issues teases things to come and even those are nothing new. They tease the cover to issue number four and it has the Four Horsemen of Salvation. This is a weekly event, but why are you giving so many spoilers? It just kind of takes away from excitement. Especially when you get to the end of this first story, you kinda clue into what is going on and realize that Marvel let the cat out of the bag months ago. Yes they could throw us a curve ball at any point, and thus could all just be misdirection but I would have loved more secrecy since this is Uncanny's big return.

Overall this is a fun book and I'm so excited that Uncanny is back. Any X-Men fan will be able to find something to enjoy here. While some of the story felt been there done that, it is just the beginning and who knows where the story will take us. This is not a cheap book but with so many stories jammed into it, this book is definitely worth the price tag.

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