Mr. & Mrs. X #2 Review

by Ryan.L on August 23, 2018

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Oscar Bazaldua
Publisher: Marvel Comics

So Rogue & Gambit are on their honeymoon in space and things aren't going as planned. Kitty has asked them to take a mission and who crashes the party? None other than Deadpool, because let's face it he's everywhere.

This issue we see Deadpool get in the way of our newlyweds and things start to get a little crazy as the item Kitty asked them to retrieve, it seems everyone wants it.

So I really enjoyed this issue. It was a lot of fun to read. There isn't a lot of substance to it, the story is just a light fun read that really is a nice refresher to a lot of the heavy books that are out right now. It's all just goofball comedy and Deadpool. Actually at first I was not happy that Deadpool was making an appearance because it seems Marvel can't release a book without a Deadpool cameo in it it seems. But he was actually a lot of fun and his chemistry with Rogue and Gambit is hilarious.

Kelly Thompson is one of my favorite x-writers in a long time. She truly understands these characters like no one else. Her writing is so much fun and the jokes are hilarious even when they're just simple slapstick comedy zingers.

The art in this book is also a lot of fun and really suits the tone that Thompson has set out. It's bright, fun and Oscar Bazuldua captures all the action perfectly. The only thing I'm not a fan of is Terry & Rachel Dodson's cover. I know they have been doing x-book covers for years but it's just so simple and boring. It's like they just phoned it in and it doesn't bring any of the excitement that is actually in the book. We know Deadpool was going to get in between our newlyweds, I just hoped for more to be honest with the cover. 

Overall this is a fun book and I highly recommend it and the series. It's a nice change from the other x-books and has something for everyone.

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