Extermination #1 Review

by Ryan.L on August 15, 2018

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Pepe Larraz
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Well we are due for another X-Men major event and just like that Extermination is upon us. This event has been teased that it will "set it right" dealing with the time displaced original five. That this is a back issue matters event. So what does all that mean? Well we haven't gotten too much information but Marvel has said that all those important epic battles over the years that the original five were supposed to be at and fight, well they have been gone, never showed, so what are the ramifications of them not showing up to these battles? Extermination is set to answer those questions and more.

This first issue I can only describe as a "wtf" issue. I enjoyed it and it was a good read, but there were many moments in it where I did just that, said "wtf!?" There are moments that did sort of surprise me but at the same time I wasn't overly surprised because this is very much a X-Men event by the numbers. We have an explosive first issue, that throws a lot at you, gets the many members to come together, someone dies, and then a curve ball is thrown at ya with a cliffhanger ending. Many of the elements to this event so far felt very much like 2014's Battle of the Atom in which it was also advertised as the event to deal with the time displaced original five, but then never actually did at all. I am hopeful Marvel will live up to their word this time and truly deal with the time displaced original five. Not only them but many of the other questionable things they have let their writers do in the last few years. 

Though the story still has me asking a lot of questions, the art is so well done here. I'm a big fan of Pepe Larraz's art and this series is another stunning display of how talented he is. The action sequences really pull you into the thick of it, and he manages to mix in a bit of comedy with some of the characters expressions. 

Well honestly I did enjoy this first issue but really you could just wait for the highlights to hit the internet. Nothing here really screams you must read this book! If you're a big X-Men fan then you will probably find something to enjoy here. I hope this book starts to really bring us an engaging story but for now it's like a Michael Bay movie, all fluff and explosions with little substance.


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