X-Men Gold #18

by Ryan.L on December 20, 2017

Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artist: Ken Lashley
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The X-Men have been in the Negative Zone trying to rescue their teammates who were taken by the Dartayan Empire while Rachel remains in a comma.

This issue was a lot of fun for as much as it could be. We see the team challenge the Dartayan Empire but things aren't going to go as smooth as they had hoped for. The other thing that I really liked from this issue was Rachel. She has spent years hiding her facial tattoos  from when she was a hound and now that she is in a comma she no longer can hide them. It's really nice to see small details like this not be overlooked. 

Overall this was a pretty good issue that follows the formula to the letter. That being said there isn't anything outstanding about it either. The artwork is fun, bright and really well done and the story is fun and engaging. This series though has been known for some outstanding stories and this one just runs in the middle.


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