X-Men Gold #11

by Ryan.L on September 06, 2017

Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artist: Lan Medina
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Gold team head out in pursuit of Illyana who was taken capture by the same people who brought Omega Red back from the dead. Piotr is fooled by his long lost uncle yet again and the team take on the mobsters and Omega Red himself.

While I have loved this series from the start this latest arc really feels like filler. Nothing major happens and it seems like even the battle with Omega Red is just slapped together and there are no real steaks involved. The story was still enjoyable and I really liked seeing Illyana more vulnerable than we have ever seen her before. 

Kitty and Piotr's relationship also progresses further in this issue. On one hand I'm happy as I have always loved these two together, but on the other hand both have grown so much I feel them getting back together is more like moving backwards than forward.

Overall though this is a pretty forgettable issue. Nothing really propels the story forward other than Kitty and Piotr's relationship. It could be that this book is lacking substance because in two issues we head into Marvel Legacy and they needed something to fill in the space. I just hope that it can pick up and deliver the magic it once had.


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