Marvel's Inhumans IMAX Experience

by Ryan.L on September 03, 2017

Marvel takes their next foray into television with the Inhumans, and to kick it all off with an IMAX Experience. 

Many of us wondered what would become of the Inhumans after it was announced that their movie was put on hold, or as many of us assumed it was cancelled. We later learned that Marvel would bring the Inhumans to television instead. Also in a ground breaking move they would start the series off with an IMAX Experience, airing the first two episodes like a movie across the massive IMAX screens nation wide. Unfortunately as grandiose as this idea was, the implication of if it did not meet expectations.

Marvel as been trying to push the Inhumans as a thing now for several years. They have always been apart of the comics but not as a major hitter like the X-Men. Many fans even say that the Inhumans are a poor mans X-Man. The two are so similar in almost all aspects and the X-Men just do it better. Since Marvel owns all aspects of their Inhuman properties, it made sense that they would want to bring them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and cash in like FOX has with the X-Men. Unfortunately this new television series does not meet expectations and just perpetrates the already strong view point that the Inhumans are a worse version of the X-Men. This show needed a higher production quality to raise it higher than it's television brethren, especially since it's being delivered on IMAX screens. Even the Netflix shows have a better production quality and from the price you would need to pay to see this in IMAX it leaves you with a bit of a stinging feeling by the end.

The show starts off and we don't get really any introduction to the Inhumans. you are just expected to know who they are, and what they are about. The Inhumans were introduced in Marvel's television show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Marvel expects that you have watched that show, but as it is also not very good like me you may have not watched it at all. We get pulled into the Inhumans world on Attilan with conflict already growing. Not everyone agrees with king Black Bolt and queen Medusa to stay on the moon. If they go to earth they could prosper a lot more. Maximus starts a coup and most of the royal family escapes to Earth.

The overall premise of this show is pretty standard and nothing to write home about. Some of the acting is like they took the Young and the Restless school for acting class as most of the female characters are overly expressive and dramatic. Black Bolts powers are if he speaks the power of his voice is so strong that he would just obliterate you. So during the whole show he doesn't speak. This I knew was going to be the case and was excited to see how they pull it off having a character with no dialogue. The actor that plays Black Bolt did not successfully pull it off in my opinion. You could noticeably tell that every time he had to do more than just stand or sit there he pressed his lips together and held his breath as to not accidentally make a sound. It just looked so unnatural and really drew away from the strength and power Black Bolt possesses as a character.  
There were many questionable choices for acting in this show as it seems like Marvels plan was, "Hey you're not famous yet we choose you cause you'll be cheap." or "Hey you're in one of our other ABC shows right now we pick you." Crystal for example embodied nothing of what her character is and came across very meek and pathetic. She was the one who interacted with Lockjaw the teleporting giant dog which Marvel decided to make all CGI and it showed. Crystal was forever looking in the wrong directions or just a little two high from where they Jockjaws eyes were actually placed. It did seems that most of the production was spent on Lockjaw. He was fun to watch but you could see that his CGI wasn't perfect.

With the acting being so over the top it really pulled you out of the show and moments that was to invoke emotions from you and get to really feel for the characters did the opposite. Medusa has prehensile hair. It's long and red and at one moment she is defeated by the guards and as a punishment they cut her hair off. You can tell this is to be a very dramatic moment and they want you to sympathies with Medusa, but it came off more hilarious and you started asking questions like "why didn't she just use her hair to fight back?" "Where did they get clippers from and how can the clippers cut her super hair so easily?" There are even other moments that were to be sad and emotional involving Black Bolt but again it came across cheesy and dumb.

A big thing with taking a comic book and developing it to another property is keeping comic book continuity. When you change things you alienate fans and since Marvel was developing their own property its a major let down when they don't even get things right. The character Karnak has powers where he can sense the flaws in everything. This makes him a very major threat. But in this show they have changed him to be able to  redo moments and see probabilities and tactics. But then Marvel can't keep the changes they made to him right and he later falls off a cliff. Many of us after were left wondering why he couldn't have just redone that? He just falls and is delusional and thats that?! Consistency seems to be a big issue for Marvels Inhumans. There are even more changes like when an Inhuman goes through terrigenesis to receive their powers, the mist transforms them into a cocoon and then they emerge as their new selves. Marvel removed the cocoons altogether. I see this as a huge miss, as this is a big part of the Inhumans history and what makes really sets them apart form the X-Men.

Another big miss this show has is the costumes. Whoever the costume designer of the show is should be fired. A lot of the costumes look great but there are rushed and half done parts to them. Also everyone is in leather int his show. My friend said during the show "they're all in leather but where are all their space cows?!" This made me laugh because it's so true. If they are such an advanced species I would have expected their costumes to be at a completely different level of production. The hooves they made for the character Gorgon were so poorly made and the actor clearly spent no time learning how to walk in them. Also Medusa's wig is so terrible. It looks awful and you can really see when it is CGI and when it is just a bad wig. The other part is you can see they clearly neglected to glue down her lacefront of her wig and it just comes across as rushed and sloppy.

I guess that would be the overall feel of this show in general, rushed and sloppy. The writing is sub par, the costumes are terrible, and this show misses on almost every point. I knew this wasn't going to be an amazing show going in, well there was only 20 people in the theater and I saw it at 7:15 on a Saturday night of opening weekend. But I did expect it to be better than this. No show has launched with and IMAX experience before and now probably never will again. Marvel may have the magic when it comes to their movies and Netflix shows, but Marvel seems to continuously stumble at all other television attempts. This will be free on television September 29th but even then I don't think it's worth watching.


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