X-Men Gold #10

by Ryan.L on August 23, 2017

Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artist: Lan Medina
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Things are about to get pretty chaotic for the X-Men. The Russians have resurrected an old foe long thought to be dead. The return of Omega Red spells disaster and the X-Men are about to find out.

This issue we see a call made the the X-Mansion. Piotr finds out the he has an uncle his father never mentioned before. Though the call isn't about a family reunion. It's about needing the X-Men's help. Piotr, Illyana  and the Gold team head to Russia to investigate. But Old Man Logan smells a trap, and the team finds out its just that.

So this books takes its first big stumble. This store wasn't great but it's still is much better the the previous x-books from prior to ResurreXion. Reading this book everything just seemed so predictable and it was really missing the magic that the previous issues had. While I'm a huge fan of seeing a return of Omega Red, nothing here feels fresh and new. We don't know Omega Red's plan or even the plan of the group who resurrected him, but I still would have liked a little bit more. Something more than just Omega Red feeding on people as that's what he always does.

There are some great jokes into his book though, especially with the jabs at Kitty about her rekindling things with Piotr. It's great to see our reactions mirrored in the reactions of the characters. I liked Kitty and Piotr together but I was really hoping that we would continue to see Kitty grow as a leader and not be drawn into a relationship that will evidently distract her. 

Even though this may not have been a strong issue in the series I still enjoyed reading it. This is such a great choice of members for a team and I really am excited that Illyana has appeared again. Also we get some short cameos from other beloved X-Men and that helps to drive this as the core book in ResurreXion. Gold is the new Uncanny and with the cameos in this book, I hope it's setting a precedent that we may have more cameos or even a revolving team lineup.


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