Daredevil #25

by Ryan.L on August 23, 2017

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Alec Morgan
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Matt Murdock has been on an ongoing battle in the courts to have costumed vigilantes be allowed to testify in the courts without having to reveal their identities. His hopes in this is that it will decrease the amount of repeat offenders and crime in general.

This issue we see the case taken to the Supreme Court. This is the end of the line. If Murdock wins then it's law, if he loses then his career as both a lawyer and the costumed vigilante Daredevil is over.

I've had mixed feelings about this story arc. On the one hand yes it seems like a great idea. More successful cases for our costumed heroes, but on the other hand we like seeing a challenge, some struggles in our heroes lives. That's what makes a book exciting. Every hero has a nemesis,  but now if it'll be so easy to put them away for good, what kind of challenge is that? 

Costumed heroes have always worked outside the law and that conflict with law enforcement has always been another dynamic that made the books interesting. The world hates and fears Spider-Man but he still saves the day because he understands with great power comes grateful responsibility. Now if everyone loves him and he can just testify in court to put the bad guys away where is the struggle? Yes there is still the challenge of stopping the big bad but I don't know I'm still so on the fence, and I'll have to wait to see how this all plays out. The verdict in this books will echo throughout the Marvel Universe.

One thing I did love from this issue is at the end the Devil of Hell's Kitchen ditches the black and dons the red again. I don't know what it was but the Black costume just didn't feel like him. I'm excited  now to see Daredevil back in red and how the events of this book will shape the series and Marvel Universe to come.

It's not often we get a book that is mostly Matt Murdock, and this one was an exciting one seeing what Matt can do in the courtroom. Charles Soule being a lawyer really knows how to write this side of the series. I recommend pickin it up and seeing if Matt was successful or not in his battle to change the Marvel Universe and it's costumed Vigilantes.


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