X-Men Blue #9

by Ryan.L on August 17, 2017

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Cory Smith
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Things have been a little tense for the O5 team. With Hydra America in full swing Emma Frost has created New Tian, and has taken Cyclops and Briar captive. Jean, Hank, Bobby and Warren set out to rescue them but things don't go quite as planned. The O5 team has luck on their side as Magneto sends in Danger and Polaris to aid the rescue mission.

This issue we see Polaris and Danger assist the O5 team as they confront Emma Frost, Havok, Xorn and Cyclops who is now under Emma's influence. An intense battle ensues and Jean goes up against Emma.

I really enjoyed this issue and for being a tie-in to the major event that is happening it has been one of the best tie-ins I have read in a long time. They don't pull you out of the current story that was building before the event started it just seamlessly transitions into the tie-in. I love this new Emma Frost. Many of us were worried after reading that abysmal Inhumans vs X-Men event that the direction they were taking Emma was not what the fans wanted. Well we made our voices heard and it looks like marvel listened. It seems like they have taken Emma back to how she was before Grant Morrison's 2001 run that had Emma become an X-Man. While some times this is not a preferable thing because you undo years of growth and character creation for a character, this time Cullen Bunn has kept all that depth but still reverted Emma back to the villain she used to be.

I also really enjoy the quips and banter between the O5 team. It's such a fun read and and makes for exciting stories. There are some reveals in this issue that I wont spoil it for you but it gets me really excited for future issues.

This is one of the best titles coming from Marvel and RessurXion. It's great to see the X-Men back and this tie-in issue proves that not even a major event can shake this book from the consistent quality being delivered twice a month. You should pick this one up, it's a major gem in the Marvel lineup.


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