X-Men Blue #5

by Ryan.L on June 14, 2017

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Julian Lopez, Cory Smith
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The New Marauders have attacked the X-Men just as they are trying to find out how Jimmy is in this world. But who are these Marauders and why do they want Jimmy so badly?

If there was a definition of filler issue then this would be just that. But even with this being a filler issue it was still a blast to read. The jokes that Iceman makes were just hilarious and the action sequences were laid out perfectly it really brought you into the action. What I really liked about this issue is that it really highlighted the team's dynamic and how well they are learning to work together. Also how much their powers are growing and under Magneto's tutelage how much more control they have over them at such a young age.

This issue was really crafted to set up the new big bad that will most likely be a reoccurring threat for our young mutants. Especially since she has a great deal of knowledge about the other worlds that exist or used to exist. I really like when a series has one main big bad that comes and goes through the series causing problems for our heroes. We would still get the villain of the week but there would be the over-arcing story of the big bad that eventually builds to a big climax bringing the heroes and big bad head to head. This is at least what I am hoping this series is now doing.

Overall while not being the best of the series this issue is still a really good read. The chemistry between the characters is so well written that I enjoy all the witty banter between them. There is a lot of setup happening in this issue but it successfully got me excited for the new dynamic Jimmy will bring to the team and what this new villain has in store for our young mutants.


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