Cable #1

by Ryan.L on May 31, 2017

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Carlos Pacheco
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cable is back and hunting a threat down through the time stream.

This issue we see Cable appear in the wild west and then in Japan. Who is he chasing and what threat to the time stream is he hunting down?

I don't know, this issue wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. Yes it's a first issue but nothing much seemed to happen which left me feeling let down. Many of the other first issues in the ResurreXion lineup really grabbed you and pulled you into the story and then left you with many questions. This issue it was more of a "ya and?" Cable is a unique character and his series are usually really engaging but they do always seem to follow the same formula, with this one being no exception.

While it's fun seeing Cable pop up in places like Arizona in 1874 and Japan in 1543, theres nothing about this story that really pulls the reader in and gets you invested into the story. Yes again I understand it is just the first issue but this is one of the last few new titles in the ResurreXion lineup and while several of the others were instant successes this one really falls under the "we will see" category. 

The art in this issue is also good but nothing outstanding like some of the other new X-Books. There is a fun bright look to the book but with a character like Cable and him bouncing through time it would have been interesting if each time period got it's own look and tone or something like that.

Overall this book just exudes average. Hopefully in the next issue or two it will really pull us into the story and give us something to really be excited for. For now I'm just happy that this series is just monthly because if it was a twice monthly book like many of the other new X-books it really would be a let down then. I'm going to give this one a few more issues to see if it finds it's groove but as first issues go this one was just plain average.


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