X-Men Blue #4

by Ryan.L on May 24, 2017

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Julian Lopez
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Blue team continue train under the tutelage of Magneto. Bastion made an appearance and seemed to want to help the mutants but his true plans were revealed. Bastion only wanted to help the mutants to rebuild until they were back to their former glory so he could then wipe them all out.

This issue they investigate a new mutant that has appeared and is hunting and killing people in Colorado.

Cullen Bunn is killing it with this series. Every issue is more exciting and fun than the previous issue. The dynamics between the team is outstanding.  There's a lot of friction between some of the members and Jean is still trying to learn how to be a leader and it makes for a very engaging story. The comedy is perfect and not over the top either.

The book has been more of a villain of the week so far and hopefully we will get some longer story arcs that we can really get into the story. The appearance of this new mutant though I think will take the series more in that direction. That being said the formula Bunn has crafted for the series so far works perfectly. We get to see the team out and each time their teamwork is a little bit tighter and they don't fumble as much as they previously have. The bickering is still there and thats what makes the series so hilarious.

I also hope that we will get to see more of Beats magic. I love this new Beast and seeing how he handles situations now. He has made some questionable choices with his magic and I'd like to see more. Even Bobby makes a comment how much he has changed now that he has learned magic.

The art in this issue is absolutely amazing. Julian Lopez is just delivering stunning pages one after the other. Some of the facial expressions are hilarious,  especially Bobby and the chicken wing. 

This is the absolute best series from the ResurreXion lineup. If you haven't checked it out yet you must pick it up. There is so much fun and excitement to be had in every issue that it's such a joy to read. 


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