Weapon X #3

by Ryan.L on May 10, 2017

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Greg Land
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Weapon X program is back but instead of trying to recreate Wolverine, they are collecting DNA samples from specific mutants to create the perfect mutant killing machines.

This issue we see Domino brought into the battle while Old Man Logan and Sabretooth continue to try to shake the killer cyborgs that have been on their tail.

This series so far has been alright, nohing really engaging or exciting. This issue was a lot more fun and gave us some more information on whats going on. We still are in the dark with the Weapon X programs true intentions beyond just killing mutants, but I found this issue had a little more depth than the last two. That being said the end of this issue we find out that we are going to immediately be heading into a crossover with Totally Awesome Hulk. This series has been struggling to find its voice and deliver a clear and engaging story and we are already going to head into a crossover with another book? That a sure fire way to kill any momentum a budding new series as developed. I would have preferred the story that has been building in this series stay contained in it and we just get a cameo from the Hulk than have to head into a crossover.

This series has been twice monthly up until this point, but as of the next issue the series becomes a monthly book. It makes me wonder if the first three issues of this series was rushed as so to establish itself before the crossover begins. From reading the story it really feels that way, so hopefully once we go monthly the book will pick up.

With this issue being a lot better than the first two issues story wise I can't say that about the art. Greg Land is just missing on all levels with this book. None of the characters look right and his art just looks sloppy. So many of the panels just look generic and boring that it really pulls you out of Greg Pak's story. 

So far Weapon X has been the worst of the ResurreXion titles. This issue was a lot better than the first two issues but it's still not good enough mainly due to the artwork. With the title heading into a crossover it could make or break the series.In my honest opinion though I don't think this series is worth investing in to follow it through the upcoming crossover.


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