Tales of Honor: Bred to Kill #1

by RobertJCross on June 17, 2015

Written by: Matt Hawkins and Dan Wickline
Art by: Linda Sejic

So this comic book series is new to me but as I was doing research on it I noticed that it was very popular and one of Top Cow's biggest franchises. I went in with expectations for this, I guess. Did it meet them? That's a hard question to answer because as well drawn and well written as this was, I was still a bit confused at parts because I didn't have a cohesive backstory. The main character is the captain of a space ship named Honor. which made me think of Judge Reinhold for some reason...regardless, she's very violent and angry in the flash forwards or backs, I'm not sure. She is accompanied by two bumbling male shipmates who are aiding her on a mission to locate her uncle on a giant floating casino city in the middle of space. It gave me some cool vibes, but I needed more...which I guess is good. We'll see as the comic continues.

Hawkins and Wickline write some pretty solid dialogue that reads well and they've got the futuristic bafoon down with Honor's male companions. Honor though is written a bit too "dramatic" which I guess makes sense since she would need a grandiose life in order to serve as chief protagonist in a sci-fi comic. I dig the use of an intergalactic casino as the main setpiece. It needs to be implemented heavily in the coming issues though in order to keep my attention because I want to know more about the casino than the mission at this point. Integrate them fully and nothing could possibly go wrong.

Speaking of things going wrong...HA! Got you! The art by Sejic is actually pretty cool, BUT ( and this is a very big but (hehe)) I felt like I've seen this artstyle a million times before in these types of comics. Not that it's bad, because it isn't, but it's not original and I'm always looking for originality when judging art. Not that I'm an amazing artist or anything, but I like to that I know what looks good and what doesn't. That said, I just started replaying the Mass Effect series on my XBOX One (Backwards Compatibility BABY!) and Sejic's art gave me that vibe. Very futuristic and very cool...but cookie cutter somehow. Good nonetheless.

I dug this comic for what it was. Check it out!

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