Convergence: Detective Comics #1

by RobertJCross on April 30, 2015

Written by: Len Wein
Art by: Denys Cowan & Bill Sienkiewicz

My second foray into DC's Convergence series takes us to two pivotal universes within the DC Universe. The first being the Red Son universe where Superman landed in Russia instead of the United States and lastly the universe where Bruce Wayne is dead and his daughter Helena (Huntress) and Robin take over dispatching justice to Gotham. The dome forms over both universes and stays there for sometime. In the Batman & Robin comic i reviewed last, the dome didn't seem like it was there for 2 years like it was in this comic. Guess that's the writers fault more than anything. Regardless, they of course collide at the end and lead into a cliffhanger.

Wein has a knack for the dialogue between Huntress and Robin, but the stuff that he wrote for Russian Superman didn't feel that authentic. I think that the panels devoted to Russian Superman should have maybe had actual Russian in the bubbles and a translation underneath. It was a small detail that might have made it a little more believable. Not to mention that right when they all meet up at the end, they're communicating as if there is no linguistic or cultural barrier between them. Besides that, everything else was pretty good. Including the banter between Huntress and Robin about Bruce Wayne, that felt real to me.

The art team knock it out of the park, of course. This is what you'd expect from a DC release. Russia was the best out of the two universes. The snow and the overall feeling of poverty was there. It made for the setpieces having more power than the written word on the page, which I'm not a HUGE fan of...but I don't complain. The Batmobile and the Batcaves that Huntress and Robin find themselves in throughout are also full of little easter eggs if you look close enough to the surroundings. I enjoyed the art thouroughly.

Pretty good issue! Pick it up!

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