Convergence: Batman and Robin #1

by RobertJCross on April 09, 2015

Written by: Ron Marz
Art by: Denys Cowan & Klaus Janson

I'm not going to string you along and tell you that I've actually read Batman and Robin since Grant Morrison left, because that would simply be untrue. I have however done my homework on the "Convergence" events and while I'm fairly certain that I've read this story a thousand times, this issue is pretty solid in delivering the thrills. We start with Penguin trying to hustle Poison Ivy out of the garden she began to feed Gotham while they are trapped under the digital netting that surrounds the city. Penguin can't take no for an answer and decides to get rid of Ivy...but them our favorite bat shows up to defend Ivy. A pretty good few fight scenes take place and you can tell by the cover that Jason Todd shows back up and that causes some conflict in the Wayne household.

Marz never disappoints in the dialogue and in making everything feel genuine. He wrote some of my favorite John Carter comics last year and I've never been displeased by his writing. Here he has the dynamic of Damian and Jason fighting while Bruce has to figure out what to do. Of course everything is tied together rapidly because of the quickness that "Convergence" is starting and ending. Marz does a fine job of packing in a lot of story into those 22 pages and making every word count. I was impressed.

Cowan & Janson really do some great work in this issue, but I do have one SMALL complaint. The characters heads seemed very square and cubic. Like an unfinished sketch or something, now that may have been intentional and if it was, then it was good. When compared to the epic backdrops and setpieces however, the cubic heads were a bit distracting. Again though, just a peeve of mine. Everything else was beautiful and I enjoyed seeing Gotham in a brighter sense than usual, though it is always nice to see the darkness. I dug it all though.

Epic issue. Pick it up batfans!

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