G.I. Joe #7 (2014)

by RobertJCross on April 01, 2015

Written by: Karen Traviss
Art by: Steve Kurth

Well, the action from the last issue was short-lived unfortunately. This issue was more of the same espionage and backstabbing that has been hard to keep track of and hard to deal with on a monthly basis. I wish upon all wishes that this comic starts to pick up speed because it's extremely well developed and the characters are all fleshed out from their original counterpart. Every review I do though I keep saying that I feel like this is leading to something big. I honestly don't want to keep making that assumption if nothing happens.

Traviss is great writer of dialogue and the like but the plot is steadily running aground because there is nothing really going on except people sneaking around on every single page. The action from the last issue really only served as a catalyst to mention it briefly between the espionage stuff in the background. It was well-written, yes, but it's getting exceedingly boring to see people wave guns around and none of them go off for 2-3 issues at a time. Same with fighting, no fighting, only talking. I want more action, I expect it from a G.I. Joe comic. This series is slowly becoming a "House of Cards" meets "Game of Thrones" type deal and I don't think anyone signed up for that.

The saving grace is always the amazing art by Kurth which boggles the mind as you read. Such detail that you'd only find in what he's been drawing since the get-go. I'm always blown away by the little things that he adds into every panel and in the background of every scene. Even if the scene itself isn't that exciting, at least the art can help put you in the mood for some military action...even if that never is the case...

Good issue full of twists and turns...

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I love this series but it looks like the next issue will be the last: http://www.karentraviss.com/styled-16/styled/index.html

UPDATE, March 2015: issue 8 is the last one in this run, alas. I'd planned 12, but IDW cancelled the series at very short notice (when I'd finished issue 7) so I had to wrap it up prematurely in one final issue. It's not quite the story I wanted to tell, obviously, because that would have taken all twelve issues, so the end isn't quite as I envisaged it a few issues earlier. But it manages to resolve some storylines and leaves others open in case IDW ever wants to pick them up at some point in the future.